A Guide on Cannabis Extraction Process to Derive the Purest Form of CBD Oil

Cannabinoids have become a favorite natural supplement for many to alleviate pain, anxiety, sleep trouble, and general day-to-day stress. Some of us know that CBD is derived from hemp and marijuana both. However, both cannabis products are not chemically equal.

Hemp-derived cannabis is THC free or has concentration below 0.3% and is thus considered safe and legal. Marijuana products on other hand are illegal and high in THC. Let us discuss how your favorite CBD balm and oil is made.

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Process of CBD extraction and manufacturing

The process with which your CBD product is extracted is a glimpse into its safety and legal profile. If you understand the basics, you will be able to easily differentiate between genuine and fake products. You can check labeling claims for purity of the product by it THC concentration which must be less than 0.3%.

The process of CBD extraction consists of following standard steps:

  • Purity of plant is tested for THC concentration.
  • The flower of the plant is then crushed, grounded and added to the extraction machine.
  • The plant extracts are then dissolved with various solvents at a very high pressure.
  • The resultant product then undergoes filtration to remove fat, wax, and impurities.
  • The method of filtration used determines the purity of the final product.
  • Lastly, distillation is carried out for final removal of impurities while maintaining the cannabinoids and terpenes intact in the final product.
  • Post-distillation, CBD is isolated at purity levels of 99.5% or more.
  • Final stage is production of different formulation such as topical balms, capsules, tinctures, or gummies.
  • The final product is then tested again for potency or presence of any contamination that might have occurred during the addition of carrier.

Common extraction techniques

  1. Isolate extraction: It produces THC free CBD where only cannabinoids are preserved.
  2. CO2 extraction: This method used CO2 solvent for extraction. It is expensive and produces a very-high quality and pure CBD.
  3. Ethanol extraction: It is an easy to use extraction solvent. However, it use is risky as ethanol is flammable and the does not guarantee purity of the final product.


Filtration is repeated multiple times to get desired purity level of the CBD products. Vacuum and gravity filtrations are some common techniques. However, when your plant has undergone processing at very high levels of temperature and pressure; there is need of a more advanced filtration technique.

Winterization is a filtration technique used to produce extremely pure cannabis. It is used to produce isolate cannabis as it filters out all the undesirable substances.

The process of winterization includes the following steps:

  • The extracted oil it combined with 200-proof alcohol which is then kept in the freezer overnight.
  • The resultant product in the morning is placed in a filter to remove unwanted materials such as fats.
  • The final mixture is heated to remove all the alcohol from the oil extract.

Always ask your supplier regarding the plant used (hemp or marijuana), the method of extraction and filtration used for manufacturing their products. This will ensure that you are using pure CBD, which is safe and will provide necessary health benefits.

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