Tips To Make Your First Visit To A Strip Club A Big Hit

Strip clubs are a perfect joint for men to either go alone or in groups or with a girlfriend. They can have a fun filled night with friends, drinks and super sexy dancers around them. In fact, for most individuals, visiting a strip club is like living a fantasy. They are completely mesmerized by the dancer and quite having the time of their life

If you have never visited a strip club before, here are a few guidelines for you. Make sure to follow them, and you will see how you can take your strip club experience to the next level…

Tips to remember when going to a strip club

Avoid peak nights: These are basically Friday and Saturday nights. Texas gentlemen’s clubs are over filled with people and it is too crowded to have any fun. Also, dancers might charge high for a dance compared to any other night, or worst there will be no dancers at all. So, try going on any other nights. Clubs won’t be crowded, and even ladies will be in their good mood. Besides, if it is an extremely slow day for them, you can even expect to get a good discount on a dance.

Tip the dancers well: If you want to get a seat in the front line, make sure you are generous with your tips. Nevertheless, it is even considered as bad manners if you don’t tip the dancers. Think of it like this – they are professionals providing great and satisfying services, don’t you think you should pay them accordingly.

Tip the DJ: Yes, tipping the DJ is also quiet important. After all, the DJ is the one who is running and maintaining the tempo of the club. Now, when you tip them, it’s like an extra motivation and who knows, they might even play a good 15 minutes long song when you are having a lap dance.

Don’t Touch: Well, this doesn’t mean that you should try or ask the dancer, but if she says no, then it’s a NO. Don’t push at any cost. Bouncers usually love to kick out clients who are troubling the dancers. So, don’t be one of them and better follow proper rules.

Decide your budget in advance: Spending at a strip club is just like spending at a casino. You must know your limit. For this, it is recommended that you carry only the amount which you are willing to spent. After all, you don’t want to wake up next morning with a bad hangover just to find out that you have spent every last dollar.

Lastly, it is recommended to respect the dancers and entertainers working at these joints. Just because they dancing in front of you stripped, doesn’t mean you can say them anything or treat them like the way you want. If they are saying no to do something that you are asking, then respectfully accept it.

So, there you go. Following some basic strip club manners will certainly ensure that you have a good time and an evening to remember for a life.


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