An Ultimate Guide to Choose A Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day and Make It Unique!

So, you have decided to get married in Las Vegas and you cannot hold your happiness any further, isn’t it? Las Vegas is popular for an ample of things including nightclubs, gambling, and most importantly charming weddings!

With picturesque settings, it makes it one of the most attractive places across the world for destination weddings.  Well, first and foremost thing you will require thinking about is the place where you will actually be getting married in Las Vegas. Before we dig deep into knowing various venues, let us first explore the factors you need to consider while choosing a wedding venue that can be perfect for you.

Checklist to help you find a right venue

  • Visit the venue with your partner to know your initial reactions. Does the venue excite you?
  • Consider the overall décor. Does it properly fit your style?
  • What are the things included in package?
  • Review the details of the venue with the venue representative.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Are there all the amenities you require available? These amenities might include restrooms, parking, lounges, etc.
  • What are rules for candles? Do they allow open flames?
  •  Are there any restrictions on whether you can place additional décor or not?
  • Do they have any kind of restrictions on the photography?
  • Who will be responsible for organizing and supervising vendors to keep them on same timeline?

So now you know what considerations to make, right? Now check out the following list of hot venues and decide which can be perfect for you!

Mandalay Bay

While Las Vegas can be in middle of desert, Mandalay Bay can still perfectly host beach wedding. The award-winning team at this place can turn your dream wedding into reality! From music, cakes, chapel décor, to flowers, you can find each and everything at Mandalay Bay. Moreover, this place even provides different reception packages at Border Grill, Ri Ra Irish Club, or in just any of private ballrooms.

Lake Mead

If you are a couple who loves outdoors, Lake Mead is a place offering you numerous scenic sports for hosting your wedding ceremony. There are many companies offering interesting wedding packages at Lake and the services generally include flowers, limo ride, and photography. In case you decide to go for lake wedding, you can exchange your vows right to sunset that can make a beautiful and romantic backdrop.


If you desire for fairy tale setting for your special day, then Bellagio can be a perfect venue for you. While it may turn out to be one of the costliest wedding venues, the price will be worth in the end! There are normally two chapels that are available for the ceremonies. While south chapels can be good for larger weddings, East chapel can be ideal for smaller weddings.

Do a bit of proper research beforehand and visit to make sure choosing a venue that can best reflect your style and taste. After all, it is your big day and you need to be your best!

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